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How To Get MOre Reviews

Send invite Tool

Actively send a review invite via email or text message to your happy customers.

Marketing Tool Kit

Use our powerful marketing tool kit to get reviews without having to lift a finger.


Satisfaction funnel

Smart technology to push good reviews to public channels and bad reviews to private.


You Get reviews

Reviews roll in and help boost your company reputation.

Public Review

Directs to leave a public review on your active company review sites.

Private Feedback

Directs to leave private feedback on your very own Reviews Up suggestion box.

What Did We Learn?

  1. Driving review traffic is easy
  2. You can actively send review invitations
  3. You can use the marketing tool kit to passively get more reviews
  4. Smart Funnel technology provides the option to leave a public or private review.

Alway Remember

Driving positive reviews is important, but Reviews Up gives you the opportunity to learn from all feedback.  The goal of all feedback is to help you make changes to satisfy customers and shape your company for greater success. 

Sometimes we learn our most important lessons from our biggest mistakes.

GMB Ratings

9.92% Overall Gain


GMB Reviews

319.43% Avg. Gain


Channel Performance

258 Reviews Generated

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