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It's Easy To Have A Smart Response

There are three huge benefits for responding to every review your company receives.

#1 It boosts your reputations relevance.  By responding to a review you have the opportunity to add to the story.  Whether you are saying “Thank You” or “I’m Sorry”, it gives you the chance to promote your business further.  Our Smart Response technology builds custom responses you can use or make your own.   

#2 It shows that you appreciate the feedback and want to acknowledge the reviewer for their input.  Regardless of reviews type and tone, making it a habit to respond is good business. 

#3 Every reply you make can be seen by your current and future customers.  This shows you have nothing to hide and are being transparent about the review.  This is even more important with negative reviews.  It offers the opportunity to explain the situation and provide details on a resolution if applicable.  

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