Bank Case Study

Community bank uses Reviews Up to rapidly improve online reputation to hire top talent and gain local market share.


A local community bank in Eastern Pennsylvania with 10 branch locations was looking to improve the amount of reviews they had collected from verified customers to more accurately reflect their good reputation to the online community.


Reviews Up tools that made an immediate impact!

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Marketing Toolkit features used in this bank case study.

Bank locations received up to 1500% review gains in the first 6 months! Average increase for all 10 locations was 320%

Bank Case Study Challenge


Bank needed help:

After finding it difficult to organically curate reviews from verified customers, a local community bank was looking for a reputation solution to easily integrate with their ecosystem to connect with customers for feedback. Additionally they wanted a secure, intuitive dashboard that provided tools to manage the bank’s reputation.

Embassy Bank Case Study Solution


Reviews Up Enterprise Program is launched:

Reviews Up’s Enterprise Program enabled the bank to take control of key social media channels – such as Google My Business (GMB) pages for all branch locations, Facebook business page and our Reviews Up channel for converting users who wanted an alternate option for leaving public or private feedback.  

After easily connecting channels, Reviews Up allowed the bank to engage customers via active and passive methods.  Active tools included sending digital invitations via Text Message or Email to verified customers while offering options for preferred channels of choice.  Passive tools included QR codes that were strategically placed in branches using door and desk signage, engaging stickers and traditional business cards (handed out at drive-up visits or enclosed with product documentation). Once activating all tools the reviews started rolling in for all locations.

The AI powered Smart Response feature allows for quick alerts to users or managers when reviews are received and elegant curated response suggestions that staff can select and further customize before posting. 

Phase II initiatives have already begun and will allow bank to further integrate tools to help market, share and engage both existing and new customers using Reviews Up Widgets, social share and more.  For details look for future updates to this bank case study.

Embassy Bank Case Study Results


More positive reviews & customer engagement equals 

The bank was able to connect with their existing customers for honest and helpful feedback, and since Reviews Up makes the process so easy for the customer to leave both public and private feedback, the volume of reviews made immediate impact on their overall online reputation across all major channels.  In a period of a few short months, the bank has become the highest rated community bank in their region with the largest volume of reviews, providing a more accurate representation of their commitment to the community and their exemplary service.

As a result of this improvement of public feedback, the bank has quickly become the leader in mortgage lending amongst all banks and lending institutions in their region.  In addition, the volume and transparency of the reviews has helped them attract top talent to continue to build their team of professionals committed to the best in banking service to individuals and businesses in the area.

By giving their customers an easier way to leave feedback, it has helped the bank provide recognition of their team members who are making every effort to exceed their customer’s expectations.
Embassy Bank Case Study Conclusion


A local community bank’s decision to embrace Reviews Up as a technology partner for building and managing a strong digital reputation has directly lead to increases in lending opportunities, growth in deposit accounts, and the ability to attract and hire top talent.  Our bank case study also confirms achieved gains will allow the bank to learn from its customers and continue their plans for future growth.

GMB Ratings

9.92% Overall Gain


GMB Reviews

319.43% Avg. Gain


Channel Performance

258 Reviews Generated

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